Shatta (sephardic/yemenite)

Yield: 1 batch

Measure Ingredient
Small red chili peppers
1 cup Parsley; chopped
1 cup Fresh cilantro; chopped
1½ tablespoon Garlic; ground or minced
1 teaspoon Each salt and pepper
1 teaspoon Cumin
2 tablespoons Olive oil

In a blender, puree enough chili peppers to measure 1 cup. Puree the parsley and cilantro together; mix well with the pureed chili peppers. Add the garlic, seasonings and olive oil; blend well.

Shatta, like zhoug, should be put in a jar and placed in the refrigerator, for use in many recipes. It also will keep for many months.

Yield: 1½ cups.

The author writes: " less powerful than zhoug. Its bright red color adds a rich hue to sauces and salads and enhances its delicious taste. Shatta is a pleasure." From "The Yemenite Cookbook" by Zion Levi and Hani Agabria. New York: Seaver Books, 1988. Pg. 9. ISBN 0-8050-0394-0. Posted by Cathy Harned. Submitted By CATHY HARNED On 10-15-94

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