Settler's tomato sauce

Yield: 1 servings

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Wash eight dozen ripe tomatoes, place them in an earthen pan, having divided them in one or two pieces, carefully removing any stalk that may adhere, or any blackened or decayed part; over each layer strew some salt, and let them stand for two days; put them in a preserving pan with the liquor, and boil well for fifteen minutes; then pass the pulp through a colander or coarse sieve to separate the skins from the pulp; to this strained juice, add 4 oz mustard seed, 2 oz whole pepper, 1 ripe red pepper, having removed the see; 2 0z whole ginger, 2 oz allspice, several cloves of eschalot; boil all together till the pulp is reduced to nearly half the quantity, rub it through the colanderand press it with a spoon; a gill of vinegar to wash the pulp clean through from the spices, at last, may be added; bottle when cold, and cork tight down. Those who can afford it, put a teaspoonful of white wine into each bottle the last thing. Origin: The Canadian Settler's Guide, written in 1855 Shared by: Sharon Stevens.

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