Seasoning mixture for the mongolian grill

Yield: 1 servings

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Here's a couple of Mongolian Beef recipes for you. Incidentally, I have one of the Mongolian grills. It's a heavy, dome shaped, perforated cast iron grill with raised edges about 11 inches in diameter. I use it on an Iwatani table top gas burner. It's a great hit for guests. Easy on the chef too. I just slice up all the ingredients, make the marinades and dips then put it all on the table and turn everyone loose to cook their own. Had a hard time finding it but finally tracked one down in a Japanese hardware store in San Francisco. It was about $25.00. A substitute would be a hibachi with a wire mesh cover laid on the grate. These are quite unlike the "Mongolian Beef" served in restaurants over a bed of deep fried cellophane noodles.

Basically, what you do is slice the meat of your choice into thin, 1 x 3-inch strips then dip them in the marinade and toss 'em on the grill until they're done to your taste. Eat them with steamed buns or rolls. If you like, sliced veggies can be used too.

½ c scallions 2 ea garlic cloves, crushed ¼ c parsley, chopped 1 c water ½ c soy sauce 1 T sugar Enough for four. Mix ingerdients and serve in four smaller bowls.

Allow about ¼ lb of tender fillet of beef or lamb.

Posted by Stephen Ceideburg; February 20, 1991.

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