Sandwich sensations

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: =========================== : Sandwiches have come a long : way since the Earl Of : Sandwich made this

: 18th century culinary : invention!

: =========================== BUILDING BLOCKS:

Today's sandwich wrappers have moved beyond your basic two slices of bread. If you can stuff, pile or layer a filling with it... then try it! Some ideas: bagels, onion nuns, taco shells, foccacia, croissants, tortillas, pitas, matzo, flat breads, banana bread, rye, sourdough, seven grain, fresh bread sticks, baguettes, etc.


Otherwise known as pan bagna (which means bathed bread), this sandwich starts with a crusty loaf split in half, lengthwise. Scoop out the insides of each half and drizzle with olive oil. Fill one side with flaked tuna, capers, hard boiled eggs, anchovies, sliced red onions, olives, salad greens and tomato slices. Sandwich it with top layer of bread. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes to "bathe" the bread.


~ Take Indian chapati, paratha or pita and roll it up with warm rice, grated vegetables and nuts. Dip in yogurt or chutney. - Take a Mexican tortilla, roll it up with refried beans, grated cheese and chopped onions. Heat under broiler. Serve with salsa. - Take a Vietnamese spring roll wrapper, roll it up with cold rice vermicelli, mung bean sprouts and shredded cold chicken. Dip in peanut sauce.


Use a firm crusty bread for this potentially messy creation. Go beyond your basic beef meatballs and consider turkey, chicken, salmon, tofu or nut veggie balls. Top meatballs with roasted sweet peppers, grilled eggplant, sliced pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.


Try these new combinations cooked open-faced under the broiler, in a sandwich grill or frying pan; Monterey Jack, olive paste and roasted peppers; Cheddar, Dijon mustard, back bacon and tomatoes; Mozzarella, avacado and salsa (garnished with alfalfa sprouts), sharp Cheddar and mango chutney; Gorgonzola and walnuts.


A Florida favorite, Cuban sandwiches are made with soft, chewy, bullet-shaped rolls. Fill with ham, roast pork, cheese, mustard and pickles. Flatten it in a sandwich grill to create a dense, delicious treat.


Hold the mayo or cut it with low-fat yogurt to reduce calories in your favorite sandwich.

From An Article: Sandwich Sensations by Madeleine Greey (Food smarts in Toronto Star 21 May, 1995.

Transcribed By: S. Lefkowitz

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