Roy's caesar salad with crabmeat, avocado, and parmesan pizz

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 \N Anchovy fillets
4 \N Cloves garlic
2 \N Egg yolks
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon Red wine vinegar
½ \N Lemon ; Juice of
½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 dash Tabasco sauce
½ teaspoon Freshly ground pepper
2 tablespoons Grated parmesan cheese
½ cup Extra virgin olive oil
\N \N Basic Pizza Dough; (See recipe, below)
¼ cup Grated parmesan cheese
1 large Head romaine lettuce
1 large Avocado; peeled, pitted, and sliced
12 ounces Lump crahmeat; (blue crab or Dungeness crab)
\N \N Gamish:
2 tablespoons Shaved parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon Shichimi
¾ teaspoon Active dry yeast; (1/2 package)
1 tablespoon Honey
1 pinch Salt
2 cups Flour; (preferably bread flour, but all-purpose flour will do) (up to 2-1/2)
2 tablespoons Olive oil
¾ cup Lukewarm water



I prefer my Caesar salads heary, creamy, and chunky rather than dainty and delicate. The sweetness and richness of crab is perfect for this salad, but you can substitute other types of seafood for the crab, or omit it altogether if you wish. The dressing also makes a great dipping sauce for deep-fried calamari.

To prepare the dressing, place the anchovies, garlic, egg yolks, mustard, vinegar, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, pepper, and parmesan cheese in a blender or food processor and pur‚e. With the machine running, add the oil in a steady stream and blend until the mixture no longer separates when allowed to stand for several minutes.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. To prepare the pizza balls, roll the pizza dough out into 2 dozen -inch balls. Roll them in the grated parmesan cheese and place on a pizza pan or baking sheet. Bake for about 5 minutes, until golden brown, and let cool.

Place a mound of whole romaine leaves in the middle of each serving plate and arrange 6 pizza balls around each salad. Place a slice of avocado between the pizza balls, and top each avocado slice with about a tablespoon of crabmeat. Drizzle some of the dressing over the salad, and put the remainder in a ramekin or small pitcher to serve on the side. To garnish, sprinkle the shaved parmesan and shichimi over the salad.

Yield: Serves 4

Basic Pizza Dough: Sprinkle the yeast over the water in a bowl, add thc honey, whisk, and let sit for 5 minutes. Lightly oil the bowl of an electric mixer and fit the mixer with the dough hook. Put z cups of the flour and the salt in the bowl, and turn the mixer on at a very low speed.

With the mixer running, slowly pour in the water and yeast mixture.

Continue beating until the dough is well mixed. Increase the mixer peed slightly and beat in the olive oil. Beat at medium high speed for about 4 to 5 minutes, until the dough looks smooth and satiny and gathers into a ball. Add more flour if necessary. (Note: the dough can be mixed by hand, but it is much easier to use a mixer.) Transfer the dough to a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a damp towel or plastic wrap, and let rise in warm place for about 45 minutes, or until doubled in bulk. Place on a lightly floured work surface, and divide into 4 portions. Knead each portion for 1 or 2 minutes and form into balls. Place on a baking sheet, and cover again with a damp towel or plastic wrap. Allow the dough to rise for another 15 minutes.

Roll each ball of dough out into a 6- to 7 inch circle, about ⅛ inch thick sprinkling the dough, the work surface, and the rolling pin with extra flour to keep them from becoming sticky. Using your fingers, pinch the dough to create a raised edge all the way around the pizza. Now you're ready to add the toppings.

Yield: Enough for four 7-inch pizzas

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