Rose flower chirote

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Maida
¾ kilograms Ghee
¾ cup Finely ground rice powder
\N \N Milk to knead
\N \N Powdered sugar to serve
\N \N Green; pink, yellow edible
\N \N ; colours

Sieve maida and rub in 2 tbsp ghee. Divide the is into six equal portions.

Colour one portion yellow, two green and three pink. Now using milk knead them into individual doughs. Ensure the dough is stiff. Keep aside all the six balls. Beat ½ cup ghee with ½ cup rice flour till light and fluffy.

Keep aside. Now roll out the three pink balls. Smear paste on each roti and keep one on top of the other.

Place yellow roll over one edge of the pink sandwich and roll again to have a fat roll. Roll out the green portions and smear the paste. Keep one on top of the other. Ensure that your smearing paste is all over now. Place pink roll on one edge of the green sandwich and make a single roll. Cut ½" thick pieces from the roll. Roll out each piece using rice flour into a thick puri with the cut edges facing upward.

Heat ghee in a deep kadai on medium flame. Deep fry flowers on medium fire one by one. Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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