Rhubarb and banana fool #1

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Rhubarb
¼ cup Brown sugar; soft
1¼ teaspoon Ginger; preserved
2 larges Bananas; thinly sliced
2 \N Egg whites
1 tablespoon Sugar; castor
8 ounces Quark (soft cheese)

Cook and puree the rhubarb, and allow to cool. Add the sugar, ginger and most of the banana (leave some for decorating). Mix well.

Gradually beat the mixture into the quark. Fold in the egg whites.

Transfer into individual dishes and chill. Top with the rest of the banana and serve. Enjoy.


* A delicious dessert with fruit and soft cheese -- This is based on a recipe that a friend of mine found on the top of a Sainsburys quark tub.

It's delicious. Yield: serves 4-6.

: Calvin Sambrook

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