Real chili lover's chili

Yield: 1 Batch

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds Chuck beef, cubed in stew-sized pieces
1 medium Onion, chopped
2 tablespoons Chopped suet or veg. oil
4 \N Jalapenos, stemmed, seeded, halved
8 ounces Tomato sauce
12 ounces Beer
16 ounces Beef stock
1 tablespoon Cumin, ground
2 teaspoons Garlic powder
1 teaspoon Pepper, ground
4 tablespoons Chili powder
¼ cup Masa
1 cup Water
1 tablespoon Paprika

The only way I do beer chili is make a regular pot, extra hot, and drink a bunch of beers with it. Very satisfactory that way.

Let it be noted that I disagree with many of the particulars of the recipe below, but it's a good example of a beer chili.

Brown beef and onion in fat. Add peppers, tomato, beer, stock, cumin, garlic, pepper, and half the chili powder. Simmer until meat is done, about 2 hr. Make a paste of the masa and water. Stir this quickly into the chili. Add the paprika and the rest of the chili powder.

Cook 15 min. Remove Jalapenos and serve.

From: Michael Loo

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