Rainbow pinecones

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 gallon Warm water FOR EACH COLOR
1 pounds Chemical (FOR EACH COLOR):
\N \N Calcium Chloride to make orange flames
\N \N Copper Chloride to make green flames
\N \N Copper Sulphate to make blue flames
\N \N Potassium Chloride to make purple flames
\N \N Strontium Chloride to make red flames
\N 1 wooden stick FOR EACH COLOR

(pinecones that create colored flames when they're burned) Copyright (c) 1995Virginia B. Sauer Brilliant red, green, blue, purple, and orange colored flames in the fireplace are especially festive and make lovely gifts.

Potassium chloride is simply salt substitute, which many families keep on their kitchen tables.If you wish to experiment making these, you might try using salt substitute and readily available cones or pods.

According to Elizabeth Creegan (a chemist who very kindly checked these out for me), "These solutions are not caustic and don't present a fume hazard, so you don't have to get too paranoid about them, but they should be treated as poisonous, and should be washed up thoroughly".

A basket of these cones makes a lovely gift.If desired, attach a gift card reading "May you always see beauty in your world".

MATERIALS NEEDED -- Copyright (c) 1995Virginia B. Sauer 1 (2½ - 3 gallon capacity) glass container or very sturdy plastic (NOT METAL) bucket or pail FOR EACH COLOR Rubber gloves

Safety glasses and/or mask (optional; to avoid dust) Dry pine cones (or cones/pods of your choice) *Chemicals are available from a chemical supply house (check the yellow pages).

I have been told that technical grade is cheaper and works fine.

Do not accept nitrates or chlorates as substitutes... they are too dangerous.

PROCEDURE -- Copyright (c) 1995Virginia B. Sauer Work outdoors or in a well-ventilated garage WHERE THERE WILL BE NO SMALL CHILDREN OR PETS AROUND, and wear protective gloves.If available, wear safety glasses.Tale care to keep chemicals away from your eyes, face, et cetera.

~-Pour 1 gallon warm water into each pail, then into each put 1 pound of one of the following chemicals: Calcium Chlorideto make orange flames, Copper Chloride *to make green flames, Copper Sulphateto make blue flames, Potassium Chlorideto make purple flames, Strontium Chlorideto make red flames.

~-Stir with wooden stick until chemical has dissolved, then put dry pine cones into the pail.

~-Cover with lid or similar object to weight down cones (so they will remain submerged under water).

~-Let stand for a full 24 hours.(If in the garage, make sure that no children or pets can wander in.) ~-Wash your hands after removing the rubber gloves.

~-At the end of the 24-hour period, remove cones and set on newspaper thicknesses to dry.

~-Safely dispose of the solutions by washing them down the sink with LOTS of water.

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