Primary sourdough batter b

Yield: 2 cups

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Sourdough starter
1½ cup White flour
1 cup ;Warm water

Remove sourdough starter from refrigerator & stir it well. Take out 1 cup & place it in warm bowl of 4 qt or larger capacity. Return remaining starter to fridge. Add warm water & stir until well mixed.

Slowly add flour stirring continually to blend flour in well. Stir 4-5 mins or until mixture is smooth & lump free. Cover bowl w/plastic wrap & place in warm, draft free area 12 hrs for proofing. During proofing period there is a chance that a crust will form on top of batter. If this happens just stir it back down in batter, the same w/any liquid which might form. At end of proofing period stir batter thoroughly. Take out 1 cup & put it into starter container. Stir starter thoroughly & return it to fridge.

Yield: 1½ c Primary Batter B for baking, 1 c batter for starter From Adventures in San Francisco, Charles D. Wilford, Gold Rush Soudough Co, SF, CA, 1971. ISBN 0-912936-00-2 Typed by Deidre Ganopole

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