Pineapple trifle

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Pineapples
150 grams Dates
100 grams Pineapple slices
25 grams Plain sponge cake
8 \N Kalajamuns
25 millilitres Sugar syrup
50 millilitres Fresh cream; whipped
1 teaspoon Candied peel; julienned (5 g.)

CUT the pineapples into half lengthwise and remove the pulp, keeping the shells intact. Deseed the dates and chop into even dices. Dice the pineapple into same sized dices. Slice the sponge cake into fingers.

Quarter the kalajamuns and chill.

Mix the dates, sponge cake and pineapple dices along with the sugar syrup.

Fill the mixture into the pineapple shell and garnish with the whipped cream, candied peel juliennes and quartered kalajamuns. Dribble a little sugar syrup on the shell before serving. Serve cold.

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NOTES : Pineapple shell filled with pineapple, dates, kalajamuns and cake fingers

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