Phoebe's friday night chicken special

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 Chicken Breasts
1 Egg
1 Glop of milk
Salt and Pepper
½ cup Flour
Olive Oil
3 tablespoons Margarine (or Butter)
Cheap White Wine
Sweet Basil
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 Paper Sack (for shaking up chicken)
1 Stool (for seeing over the stove)

Aunt Pearl writes: "Phoebe Berkhalter and her husband, Farley, are little people. Walking into their house, with all their little furni- ture that Farley makes out in his workshop, is like a bad carnival ride. The little TV on the little handmade TV stand makes you feel like you're in Alice in Wonderland. I couldn't sit in the little chairs they have, so Phoebe served me this dish out on the front porch, where I felt less dizzy. She makes a little of it for Farley every Friday night. Here is the recipe in Phoebe's own words." Kill one chicken and rip out its breast. Beat one egg lightly with a glop of milk. Add salt and pepper to mixture, and set aside. Wash off them breasts, throw 'em in a sack with flour, and I throw in four handfuls of crushed-up cornflakes. (that's probably one handful for big people.) Shake 'em up good in the sack, but close it first.

Heat ¼ inch of olive oil in a medium skillet over a medium flame until a water drop thrown in sizzles right off. Take them breasts out of the sack, dip 'em in the egg mixture, and drop 'em in the skillet. Brown both sides. Remove breasts from skillet, pour off the oil, wipe out the pan, turn burner down real low, add about 3 tablespoons of margarine to skillet, and put breasts back in. Pour some cheap white wine over them breasts; season with lots of oregano and sweet basil.

Put a lid on the skillet, then leave it simmering for 15 minutes or so while you read the funny papers. Spoon in cream of mushroom soup on top of them breasts, add some more oregano and basil, and replace the lid. Continue simmering for another 20 minutes. Eat them breasts with the mushroom goop in the pan spread over them.

From Aunt Pearl's Cookbook: A Man's Cooking, by Joe Sears (We have had this several times, and it is terrific!!! In addition to the adjustments which we made to the basic recipe, as shown below, we served it over white steamed rice. We made these changes: Instead of putting the crushed corn flakes in the paper sack with the flour, I just added the salt and pepper to the flour. I crushed the corn flakes and placed them in a separate bowl. I first placed the chicken breasts in the bag, shook it well, then into the egg substi- tute (which we used instead of real eggs), and then into the bowl with the crushed corn flakes. Then, as Phoebe would say, "drop 'em in the skillet". I used about 4 to 5 ounces of white wine. We prepared two whole breasts, skinned and de-boned. For the two of us, we only ate one breast, one-half each. We had steamed rice and steamed mixed vegetables with the chicken. Please enjoy, and don't skimp on the oregano and basil.)

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