Peach melba choux framboise

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Water
7 \N 5 g butter
1 cup Flour
4 \N Eggs
1 \N Egg
1 tablespoon Water




Place water in a saucepan.

Cut butter into small pieces and place in the saucepan. Bring to the boil.

When the butter is completely melted remove from the heat and stir in the flour all at once.

Mix rapidly with a wooden spoon until dough comes away from the sides of the saucepan.

Keep stirring over a low heat for 1 minute to allow the dough to dry out a little. Cool 5 minutes.

Place dough in the food processor.

With the motor running, add eggs one at a time. Process well before adding the next egg. The dough should be smooth and shiny.

Place 2 tablespoonsful lots of dough on a baking paper lined oven tray.

Brush with egg wash if wished.

Egg Wash: Lightly beat egg and water together.

Stand 10 minutes.

Bake at 200 C for 35 minutes.

Remove from oven. Turn oven off.

Cut a slit in pastry to allow steam to escape.

Return to oven and leave to cool and dry out with oven door slightly open.

When completely cold, split and fill with custard and peaches and drizzle with raspberry puree.

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NOTES : Makes 12. Use flour suitable for breadmaking for this recipe.

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