Pan bagna ( bathed bread )

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Whole fresh French bread or french rolls split lengthwise
\N \N Fresh garlic minced
\N \N Extra virgin olive oil or softened butter
\N \N Fresh black pitted olives sliced or chopped
\N \N Red bell pepper rings
\N \N Green bell pepper rings
\N \N Fresh thin sliced tomatoes
\N \N Anchoives ( optional ) I love it!
\N \N Capers
\N \N Sliced onion rings
\N \N Other options: ( non traditional )
\N \N Albacore tuna chunks
\N \N Grilled eggplant slices
\N \N Sardines
\N \N More olive oil
\N \N Red wine vinegar or lemon juice
\N \N Salt and pepper


comment: I like to make these for picnics or for casual parties .Its like a salad nicoise in bread!

Brush bread with butter or drizzle well with olive oil ( extra virgin please ) smooth on some fresh minced garlic. Layer on olives, peppers, tomatoes and onions.Sprinkle on capers .Add anchoives if desired.I prefer to keep my sandwich almost vegan. Add some tuna chunks or grilled eggplant slices if desried . Then drizzle with more olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice. Salt and pepper to taste. Press halves together to seal well. Wrap sandwich in foil or plastic for ½ hour prior to serving. Cut long loaf french bread into pieces or cut rolls in half Note 1: since this bread is bathed in olive oil it indeed is worth it to use the extra virgin olive oil which has such a wonderful taste. A long loaf bread should serve 6 . Note 2: many of my friends do add sliced meat and cheese etc. etc. and then this is NOT pan bagna anymore but a subamarine or hero or torpedo sandwich as most Americans are familar with.

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