Old-world rye bread

Yield: 1 Loaf

Measure Ingredient
\N \N -JBTF62A MARTHA MARKUS Place in bread machine: plus 2 T warm water,
1½ tablespoon Vegetable oil,
⅓ cup Molasses; In a separate bowl mix together:
2½ cup Bread flour,
1 teaspoon Salt,
1 cup Krusteaz Medium Rye Flour,
1 tablespoon Unsweetened cocoa,
1 tablespoon Caraway seeds; and
3 tablespoons Gluten; optional, Add >> flour mixture to bread machine. Add
2 teaspoons Active dry yeast.

Select light crust setting, Press start. Cool on rack for 1 hour.

I have found that adding gluten really gives me a tall loaf and I always mix my dries together first and knead cycle first, then set the bread cycle so that you get a double kneading cycle. This works well on my Hitachi but be the judge for your brand of breadmaker.

I am particularly fond of this bread as it reminds me of the true rye breads I've had years before and I haven't found a recipe like it until I tried this. Marty Markus, in OR I have just "found" an excellent old rye recipe on the bag of KRUSTEAZ RYE FLOUR.It's called

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