Nuer sawan (heavenly beef)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Lean Beef
2 teaspoons Ground Coriander Seeds
½ teaspoon Ground Cumin - Coarse
1 tablespoon Good Quality Fish Sauce
½ cup Sugar
\N \N Oil for Frying

Wash beef, and trim of all fat and gristle. Use a very sharp knife, slice the beef into fairly large, very thin, sheets. Place the pieces of beef into a bowl and add fish sauce. Mix, and lightly knead by hand till well mixed and the beef had "soften". Add sugar, and continue to knead till the sugar is dissolved and well mixed in. To taste, take a small piece, and fry till done, and taste. Adjust tastes, if required, by adding more sugar or fish sauce to the uncooked beef.

Add coarsely ground coriander seeds and cumin. Mix together well.

Remove the beef pieces, spread out in a single layer on a wire rack and dry in the sun. When top side is dry, turn the beef pieces over to dry the other side. NOT over-dry, or the end result will be dry and hard.

When properly dried, the beef may be stored in airtight container - refrigeration is recommended. To serve, add a little oil to a hot pan, and add the beef pieces when the oil is hot. Use medium to low heat, and fry till the beef pieces are cooked and crispy. Remove from pan, and drain of excess oil. Blot off remaining oil with paper towels, and serve when cool.

Translated by Padej Gajajiva from "Home Maker - Book 2" by Ponsee Gajajiva.

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