No-fat soup

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Carrots -- in inch-thick
\N \N Pieces
\N \N Celery -- the same
\N \N Kernel corn
\N \N Sauteed onions
\N \N Potatoes -- cut into cubic
\N \N Inche
\N \N Barley -- (optional)
\N \N Pasta -- (optional)
\N \N Your favorite seasonings
\N \N Your favorite bullion -- or
\N \N Broth concentrate

In a big pot, put in as much or as little as yCover with water and cook until the *celery* is done the way you like it. If you use the barley, that will be for a thickening agent. You could also (instead) take some of the liquid and the potatoes and blender them to a puree and pour it back into the soup.ou wish of each ingredient.

Recipe By : BuktiMukti

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