Muffuletta (origin)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient


Central Grocery's muffuletta (pronounced letta, not lotta) is the same sandwich that has been served at the Decatur Street, New Orleans stor for 9 decades. It's made of imported cheeses and meats and topped with an olive salad that contains more than 40 spices and other ingredients. The muffuletta-style bread was known earlie in Sicilyl and immigrants brought the idea of baking the round loaves of Italian bread to New Orleans where more than 1 baker served it as a sandwich around the turn of the century. Putting the bread together with the cold cuts, thus making the sandwich, is thought to be an American version. The local family that has carried the tradition through to modern fame is the Tusa familk, descendants of Salvatore Lupo, the founder of Central Grocery. The sandwich ingredients are imported but not all from Italy. Central Grocery's muffuletta contains Emmentaler cheese from Switzerland, provolone cheese from Italy, Genoa salami, Holland ham and mortadella sausage from Canada. The olive salad is a family recipe. The sandwich is NOT served hot.

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