Mocha mouse cake

Yield: 1 pie

Measure Ingredient
1 pack Yogurt starter
¼ cup Undutched cocoa
1 ounce Unsweet chocolate
1 pack Unflavored gelatin
1¾ cup Brown sugar
2 eaches Chocolate pie crusts

*** you must use whole real dairy cream not the kind you buy in the supermarket, and un dutched (not processed with alkali) or the mouse will not set up correctly. Most supermarkets carry undutched or "dark cocoa" cocoa, and health food stores or local small dairies will have real cream.

Yogurt starter is available in health food stores in freeze dried packets, or you can use LIVE yogurt (1 TB = 1 pk) with no flavoring (some vanilla yogurts will also work) Warm the cream, cocoa, chocolate, gelatin together to 180 degrees and hold for two minutes. Cool to 110 degrees, add yogurt starter.

incubate in a yogurt maker or a quart jar in water bath (double boiler type setup) at 110 to 114 degrees for 8 hours, add the brown sugar stirring slowly until dissolved (but don't whip the cream yet!), refrigerate for 8 hours, whip to stiff peaks, spoon into two pie shells, freeze until served (if you prefer a softer mouse you can keep in the refrigerator however this will not keep as long, and is much harder to handle)

*MD* W. A. Blaylock M.F.I. Comfortable Software Submitted By MICHAEL LOO On 10-11-95

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