Yield: 12 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Beef neck
½ pounds Suet
2 pounds Tart apples, pared, cored
2½ cup Sugar
2½ cup Dried currants
4½ cup Raisins
½ cup Mixed candied fruits and peels, chopped
1½ teaspoon Lemon peel, grated
¼ cup Lemon juice
1 cup Orange juice
2½ cup Water
1½ teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Mace

Iin stew pot, cover beef neck with water and cook until meat is tender (approximately 3 hours). Drain and cooll. (Beef broth can be saved for some other recipe.) Put meat, suet and apples through meat grinder. In a large kettle, blend meat and apple mixture with rest of the ingredients. Cover and simmer 1 hour. Makes 12 cups of mincemeat.

NOTES : The 2½ cups of water is not the water used in cooking the beef.

This water is put in the mincemeat.

Recipe by: Iris Dunaway

Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1 #509 by hister@... (Iris E. Dunaway) on Mar 10, 1997.

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