Matzoh 'brah

Yield: 2 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 eaches Eggs (2 to 3)
2 eaches Matzohs
\N \N Water, lukewarm (to soften)
1 tablespoon Oil
\N pinch Salt


1. Break matzohs into pieces. Soak the matzohs for about 5 seconds in lukewarm water. 2. Drain the water from matzohs and leave softened matzoh in the bowl. 3. Add 2 eggs and a pinch salt to the matzohs. 4.

Stir the matzohs only enough to mix with eggs. 5. Add oil to frypan on medium heat (or slightly more depending on stove) 6. Add matzoh mixture to frypan and allow mixture to brown.

7. When mixture is brown, turn and repeat on other side. 8. Sprinkle matzoh 'brah with sugar to taste.

Recipe By: Mama Rose Lefkowitz From: Sam Lefkowitz From: Sam Lefkowitz Date: 09-21-94

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