Matzo farfel stuffing

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
¾ \N Box matzo farfel
2 \N Stalks celery;diced, up to 3
3 \N Onions; diced, up to 4
\N \N Oil of choice
\N \N Mushrooms either fresh or canned; diced and sauteed
1 teaspoon Or more to taste of thyme
\N \N Kitchen bouquet or some other mixture that would impart brown coloring
1 \N Beaten eggs; up to 2
8 ounces Boiling water with:
1 \N Boullion cube; (any flavor) dissolved

Measure out the matzo farfel into a large bowl. Saute the onions & celery till soft. Add matzo farfel and mix well. Add mushrooms & thyme & mix well.

Add water with boullion mixed. Add enough kitchen bouquet to make the mixture have a brown coloring and stuff in bird or use as a side dish heated up.

Can be assembled ahead of time but add egg at last minute before cooking.

You can make this vegetarian by using veggie boullion and serving along with a nutloaf.

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