Lemon pudding with lemon sauce

Yield: 5 servings

Measure Ingredient
225 grams Self raising flour; (4 oz)
½ teaspoon Baking powder
225 grams Caster sugar; (4 oz)
225 grams Unsalted butter; (melted) (4 oz)
125 millilitres Milk and water mixed; (4fl oz)
1 \N Lemon; Zest of
3 drops Lemon oil; (3 to 4)
1 \N Pinches salt
3 tablespoons Caster sugar
\N \N Zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 tablespoon Cointreau
90 grams Unsalted butter; (3 oz)
½ \N Lemon extra; Juice of
1 large Egg


Grease 5 individual pudding tins and then dredge the sides with a mixture of flour and caster sugar. Pre heat the oven to 180øC/350øF/gas mark 4.

Melt the butter and allow to cool. Measure the milk and water. Sieve into a mixing bowl the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the centre and drop in the egg. Add the butter, milk and water. Blend together using a small whisk or mixing spoon until the mixture forms a smooth batter.

Pour into the prepared tins and bake in the pre heated oven for about 30 to 35 minutes, until well risen and golden. The puddings should feel as firm in the middle as they do at the sides.

Turn the tins upside down on a wire cooling tray and leave for 5 minutes.

Ease down the sides with a small knife and them shake out of the rims.

Serve with the sauce poured over and around. A little custard on the side is good.

Making the sauce: Dissolve the sugar in the lemon and then bring to the boil. Cook at a fast bubble for 1 or 2 minutes. Add the cointreau. Beat the butter a little at a time until the sauce is thickened and glossy.

A very light, fresh and lemony pudding couldn't be simpler! Converted by MC_Buster.

Per serving: 477 Calories (kcal); 52g Total Fat; (96% calories from fat); 2g Protein; 2g Carbohydrate; 175mg Cholesterol; 94mg Sodium Food Exchanges: 0 Grain(Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 0 Vegetable; 0 Fruit; 10½ Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates

Converted by MM_Buster v2.0n.

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