Lamb nicoise

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Loins of lamb
2 larges Orange fleshed sweet potatoes
450 grams Small new potatoes; (1lb)
1 \N Red pepper
1 \N Aubergine
2 \N Red onions
1 \N Punnet cherry tomatoes
1 \N Handful pitted black olives
1 \N Lemon
1 \N Clove garlic
1 pack Basil
1 pack Rosemary
\N \N Olive oil
\N \N Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 200øC/400øF/gas mark 6.

Mix 4 tbsp olive oil with half the basil, chopped finely, crushed garlic clove, the juice of a lemon and salt and pepper. Marinate the lamb for as long as possible, preferably overnight.

To prepare the vegetables: slice the potatoes in half lengthways, dice the sweet potatoes in similar size chunks, do the same with the aubergine and red pepper and cut the red onion into quarters. Toss in olive oil, season and roast at the top of the oven in a single layer for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a frying pan, wipe down the lamb and sear it on all sides over a high heat. If the rosemary is long enough, bind it to the sides of the lamb with string. If not, just poke it underneath as it goes into the oven.

Remove the vegetables from the oven, add in the cherry tomatoes and olives, toss and return to bottom of the oven for a further 15 minutes.

Finish the lamb in the top of the oven for 10-15 minutes, depending how you like it cooked.

Take the rest of the basil, a good slug of olive oil and some seasoning and process it until the oil is finely flecked with the basil.

To serve: remove the lamb from the oven and rest in a warm place. Stack the roasted vegetables in the centre of warmed plates. Slice the lamb and sit on top of the vegetables. Drizzle with basil oil and serve.

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