La cubanita maza para empanadas y salsa cruda

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Hamburger browned and drained.
\N \N Salt and pepper and whatever
\N \N Goya Sofrito
\N \N Cilantro; (fresh)


I use Everglades seasoning, however, I know a lot of you cannot get this seasoning, so you will have to season your meat w/salt, pepper & whatever.

The meat may be marinated with Goya Mojo, again a matter of reference.

Brown your meat & drain, add a couple tablespoons of sofrito and cilantro.

Fill maza w/couple of tablespoons of meat mixture. Fold maza in half & seal with a fork along edges. Deep fry until golden brown. Aji Chompo may be added for those of you who like the heat, I make a Salsa Cruda to use on/in my empanadas. ENJOY!!!! These may also be frozen...another good idea for large parties is to cut the maza in ¼ and make mini-empanadas.

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