Japanese cabbage salad

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Red Cabbage; shredded
1 bunch Green Onions; finely chopped
¼ cup Margarine
½ cup Raw Sesame Seeds
½ cup Almonds; slivered
2 packs Chicken flavored Ramen Noodles
1 can Sliced water chestnuts
¼ cup Safflower Oil
¼ cup Sesame Oil
¼ cup Rice Vinegar
⅓ cup Sugar
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce


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I picked up this delicous recipe at a crawfish boil during the JazzFest in New Orleans, LA. Credit goes to Kim & Noah Swiler. It is a wonderful accompaniment to any BBQ or outdoor feast.

Melt margarine on medium-low heat, lightly brown crushed noodles, sesame seeds, and Ramen seasoning mix. Stir in almonds, remove from heat and cool. Put cabbage, green onions, and water chestnuts in a large bowl. Place cooled noodle mixture on top. Toss with dressing just before serving.

Recipe Archive - 5 August 96

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