Indulge! appetizers

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N 4 radicchio leaves
\N 6 dates
\N 6 whole almonds
\N \N Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 12:21:00


1 cn smoked oysters -- drained

: arugula leaves -- separated : sesame crackers

: cracked pepper --

: assortment


1 lg cucumber -- peel seed chop 1 c cooked lobster meat -- torn : bits

¼ c diced onion -- red or green 1 ts celery seeds

1 pn ground cumin

1 c yogurt

½ c buttermilk

3 TB chopped fresh parsley


1 pk lite boursin cheese -- at

: room temperature

2 TB sun-dried tomatoes --

: reconstituted

: and finely chopped

1 sm loaf French bread -- sliced : CRABBY ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS: : crab meat -- flaked

: fresh tarragon -- finely : chopped

: lowfat mayonnaise -- or : red pepper

: cayenne or flakes

: DATES STUFFED WITH ALMONDS: PEARLY GREATS: Smoked oysters are packed in oil. Drain and pat dry with paper towels. Layer, 1 cracker with a leaf or two of arugula and a plump oyster; garnish the plate with freshly cracked peppers, pink, green and black. Watercress would work well, too. CLAWS CELEBRE aka Lobster Raita: Mix cucumber, seafood, onion, seasonings with yogurt; thin with buttermilk. Separate radicchio leaves, small, curled into a cup shape. Divide seafood salad into four servings. (about 100 cal) BOURSIN Cheese is creamy, flavorful, fairly light. Whip the cheese with softened sun-dried tomatoes. Dieters spread 1 tables on three bread slices. (110 cals for all three). CRABBY ARTICHOKES: Artichoke bottoms are bite-size edible cups, come in a can or jar, cleaned and ready to eat. Fill each 'cup' with a mixture of tarragon and crab salad. (3 cups, filled, 187 cal, 4⅘ g fat) DATES STUFFED WITH ALMONDS: That 's it. Matthew Kenny, a NY chef, so simple, so popular. He leaves the skin on the almond but you could use blanched.

(all 6 dates = 172 cals) Prevention November 1996 [Pat H. McRecipe, Oct 1996]

Recipe By : Prevention November 1996 ~0700 (

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