Hummus (non spicy)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 tablespoons Tahini; (sesame seed butter) (up to 5)
One lemon; (more or less to taste) , juice of
1 Or more cloves of garlic; (again to taste - I like LOTS at least 4 cloves)
½ teaspoon Salt; (again to taste)
¼ cup Juice from canned garbanzo beans or from water they were cooked in
1 pounds Can garanzo beans; drained
Ground cumin
Paprika; (or ground cayenne if you prefer)

From Najda - and Arabic cook book Put everything but spices in blender and process till smooth and thick. (If no blender/food processor mash everything through a sieve) Add spies to taste and mix.

If getting fancy, garnish with more powdered spice in lines like spokes of a wheel and at the end points heap up small piles of chopped sour pickles, green pappers, and chopped parsley. ( I almost never do this.) Spread on a shallow plate with a bit of olive oil floated on the top (or mix a bit of oil in while you are blending) and serve with pita bread torn into rough triangles for dipping.

This is great stuff! It is low fat, VERY tasty, easy to transport, needs no refrigeration, and has enough garlic in it to keep the mosquitos off you for several hours. It is a nice appetizer/dip but also serve all by itself as a light meal on those days when its too hot to cook/eat anything more elaborate.

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