How to choose foods low in cholesterol & saturated fats

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with saturated fat: lard, butter,
heavy, whipping or sour. Low-fat
All cheeses containing more than 2
grams of fat per ounce: cream
creamed cottage cheese and most
natural and processed cheeses
American, Swiss, mozzarella and

RECOMMENDED AVOID or USE SPARINGLY MEAT, POULTRY, FISH, DRIED BEANS AND PEAS, NUTS, EGGS Chicken, turkey, veal (except the Duck, goose, heavily marbled meats breast), fish, shellfish (clams, luncheon meats, bacon, sausage, ham crab, oysters, scallops), lean frankfurters, organ meats, such as meats, specially-processed low- heart, kidney, sweetbreads & liver. fat luncheon meats.

Dry beans and peas, soybean curd Egg yolks (limit to 3 per week (tofu), peanut butter, egg whites, including yolks used in cooking). cholesterol-free egg substitutes.



All varieties (canned, fresh or Avoid if: fried, served in cream, frozen). butter or cheese sauces.



Bread made with a minimum of Pastries, butter rolls, commercial saturated fat, such as: whole biscuits, muffins, donuts, cakes, wheat, enriched white, oatmeal, egg breads, cheese breads, commercial rye, pumpernickel, English mixes containing dried eggs & whole muffins, pita. milk. Many of products are made

Pasta, cereal, rice, melba toast palm oil, coconut oil, hydrogenated water crackers, matzos, pretzels, vegetable oil.

popcorn with polyunsaturated oil, water bagels.



Skim milk or fluid nonfat milk (0% Low-fat milk with 1½% - 2% fat, fat), low-fat milk (1% fat), nonfat whole milk, dried whole milk, butter or low-fat dry milk, evaporated milk or yogurt made from whole milk, skim milk, buttermilk made from drinks made from whole milk, condensed skim or low-fat milk, skim or milk, evaporated milk. low-fat yogurt, cocoa or other low-fat drink powders or drinks. Cream, all kinds: Half&Half, light, cheeses: dry-curd or low-fat cottage cheeses, low-fat natural Nondairy cream substitutes: coffee cheeses or processed special creamers, sour cream substitutes and cheeses labeled as containing palm oil, which are high in not more than 2 grams of fat per saturated fat. ounce.



such as

bleu. ****************************** FATS & OILS

Margarines, liquid oil shortenings, Butter, lard, salt pork, meat fat, salad dressings and mayonnaise coconut oil, completely hydrogenated made from polyunsaturated oils, margarines and shortenings. Use vegetable oils: corn, cottonseed, peanut oil and olive oil occasionally sesame, soybean, sunflower, for flavor. safflower. ****************************** DESSERTS, BEVERAGES, SNACKS & CONDIMENTS Fresh fruit and fruit canned Coconut, cream products, fried food without sugar, cocoa or carob snacks (potato chips, corn chips etc) powder, fruit ices, sherbet, chocolate pudding, ice cream and frozen low-fat yogurt, gelatin, most commercial cakes, pies, cookies fruit whip, angel food cake, cakes and mixes. made with polyunsaturated oils.

Vinegar, mustard, herbs, spices.

NOTE: New, acceptable versions of standard products are appearing on the market. Be sure to read product labels on any items you are interested in purchasing.

Source: From some loose papers in my sweetie's school books concerning diets (These must be from when she was trying to decide whether to be a licensed dietician or an occupational therapist.) Posted by The WEE Scot -- paul macGregor Submitted By PAUL MACGREGOR On 10-04-95

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