Lowfat cooking tips

Yield: 1 Servings

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Roast, bake, grill, braise or broil meat, poultry & fish.

Fry & saute less often. Use a minimum of oil. Invest in nonstick cookware & use an aerosol cooking spray.

Baste meats & poultry with stock or broth & a minimum of butter.

Use marinades of lemon juice, flavored vinegars or fruit juices mixed with herbs when grilling or broiling & to tenderize leaner cuts of meat.

Create sauces by adding stock or broth to pan juices & thicken by boiling rapidly for a few minutes. Season with herbs & a touch of wine.

Substitute plain lowfat yogurt in dips or sauces calling for sour cream or mayonnaise. Also use lowfat yogurt to top baked potatoes & chili.

Try stir fry. Use nonstick wok or saute pan & a small amount of oil.

Rely on microwave to reheat leftovers & cook fish, vegetables & poultry with a minimum of fat.

Use small amounts of flavored oils, such as olive, sesame & chili oil, to season vegetables, meats, sauces, stir fry & sauteed dishes.

Also, season cooked vegetables with herbs, lemon juice or stock.

Skim fat from homemade soups by chilling & removing the fat layer that rises to surface.

Make favorite cheese based casseroles with lowfat or reduced fat cheese. Top with a sprinkling of sharp cheese or grated Romano for more flavor.

Use ground turkey or extra lean ground beef for casseroles, spaghetti sauce, chili & skillet dishes.


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