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Some info to help with the low-fat portion of the diet: In recipes for bread and similar baked goods, you can often substitute applesauce for the fats, using the same amounts. When it works, it usually doesn't change the taste significantly. However, you'll have to test it one recipe at a time to find out which recipes it works for, or look for recipes where someone else has already tested it.

For chicken and turkey, remove the skin before cooking and cut off any visible fat. Unless you have a pet capable of eating extra fat without health problems, save the trimmings for the stock recipe below, freezing them if necessary.

If you microwave chicken one piece at a time, it will come out juicier if you use a lower power setting so you can cook it longer without drying it out. Also, add some chicken stock to help keep it moist, and use a covered microwave dish. One frozen stock cube (see below) is about right for one piece of chicken.

Ground turkey is lower in fat than ground beef, and ground turkey breast is especially low in fat. It can be used in recipes that call for ground beef when the softer texture of the ground turkey will not be too noticeable.

Be prepared to reduce the amount of pepper used once you reduce fat below a certain level. I find that very low fat versions of recipes make pepper taste stronger.

From: Robert Miles

Submitted By JIM WELLER On 10-09-95

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