Hot coffee

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Cup of really strong coffee (a Starbucks coffee of the day with a shot of espresso will do)
3 tablespoons Chocolate syrup (adds just the right touch of sweetness for me)
\N \N Your favorite ground pepper to taste (about a half tsp. of powdered cayenne, maybe less, maybe more)

Somewhere along the line, I read about the history of chocolate and found out that originally, chocolate (or cocoa) was a savory beverage that was seasoned with-- tada---pepper. Well, wouldn't you know, these days many places serve a mocha, a combination of coffee and chocolate. To make things even better and to get a taste of history,my friends and I have been making what I call HOT coffee.

Stir and drink.....

Avoid dairy in this recipe for the full effect. Wimps can add dairy or non-dairy lightners for a "milkier" beverage.

The combination of the peppers that cause the release of endorphins and the caffeine is something to behold. (teehee) Extend addition of powdered pepper to other drinks like colas for a special treat.

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