Honey glaze baked ham

Yield: 20 Servings

Measure Ingredient
12 pounds Bone-in Butt Ham
\N \N Cloves
½ cup Honey
½ cup Brown sugar
1 teaspoon Dry mustard
1 tablespoon Orange juice

1. Preheat oven to 325F. Place ham, fat side up, on rack in roasting pan.

Insert meat thermometer in thickest part. Bake, uncovered, 2 hours. 2. With sharp knife, remove skin, if any then score fat into 1-inch diamonds; stud each with a clove. 3. Combine honey, sugar, mustard and orange juice in 1-quart sauce pan. Over medium heat bring to a boil while stirring. 4.

Brush half of honey glaze over ham; bake 30 minutes. Brush with rest of glaze; bake 30 minutes until golden and thermometer reads 130 degrees. Let stand 15 to 20 minutes before carving. Makes 18 to 20 servings.

Comment:: Try a Butt Ham (about 15lbs.) Cook it about 3 hours the day before you want to serve it. Let cool, bone it into 1x1 inch (bite size) chunks. Pour stock into container. set all in refrigerator. On day for dinner, simmer the Ham with about a Quart of water for about 2 hours, drain all but about 8 ounces liquid into other stock. Add the Glaze to Ham & simmer about 1 hour (stir occassionally), serve. Make gravy from stock if desired. Good Good Good....

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From: Big Flavors Of The Hot Sun By Chr File

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