Habanero jelly

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2½ pounds Fresh apricots
2 \N Lemons
5¾ cup Sugar
1 \N Pouch CERTO liquid fruit pectin
8 \N Habaneros (up to 10)

Your timing with this question was unbelievable. I was just about to post this message about a batch of Apricot Habernaro Jam I made. Not sure if it will fit with what you're looking for. I used a recipe from the CERTO (liquid fruit pectin) that I had purchased for Apricot jam. I just added the only missing ingredient (Habs!). I actually turned out real good.

Remove pits from 2½ pounds of fresh apricots and chop finely (3 ½ cups yeild). De-core, seed & finely chop 8-10 habernaros. (I used red savinas.) Stir sugar into fruit. Add chopped habernaros. Add ⅓ cup of fresh lemon juice. Add ½ teaspoon margarine or butter to prevent foaming during cooking.

Bring mixture to full rolling boil stirring constantly. Quickly add contents of CERTO pouch and return to full rolling boil for one minute.

Fill jars immediately. Use standard home canning rules for the rest.

The jam set up real nice and the hab heat was perfect. Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V4 #108 by "Porter, Jeff" <JPorter@...> on Sep 2, 1997

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