Green gazpacho

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 larges Cucumbers
1 bunch Watercress
3 \N Scallions
1 \N Green pepper
2 \N Avocados
1 can (13-3/4oz) chicken broth
3 tablespoons White wine vinegar
½ teaspoon Red pepper sauce
¼ cup Reduced-calorie sour cream
1 medium Tomato; chopped
\N \N Whole wheat crackers; (opt.)

Cut cucumbers in ½" slices. Remove and discard stems from watercress. Cut scallions in 2" pieces. Cut pepper in large chunks. In food processor, puree cucumbers til smooth; add watercress, scallions and pepper; blend til smooth, 1-2min. Transfer cucumber mix to large bowl. Pare avocados, cut in half and remove and discard pit. In food processor, blend avocado til smooth. Stir in cucumber mix w/ chicken broth, vinegar and red pepper sauce. Season w/ salt. Chill, covered, 2 hours. Garnish w/ sour cream and tomato. Serve w/ crackers.

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