Green beans southern style

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds Green beans, trimmed and washed
1 large White onion, chopped
1 \N Green (Bell) pepper, chopped
½ pounds Sliced smoked bacon, cut into squares
\N \N Salt (it won't need much)
\N \N And black pepper to taste
6 smalls New potatoes, (about the
\N \N Size of golf balls),opt'l

If the beans are very small and tender, leave them whole. Otherwise, cut in half lengthwise (known for some obscure reason as "Frenching"), and cut the individual beans into bite-sized lengths.

Place the beans, onion, pepper, bacon into a large stewing pot. Cover with water. Cover the pot, and cook on low heat until the beans are very tender (2-3 hours is about right -- these are NOT supposed to be crisp). About 30 minutes before serving, add the potatoes if used, and season to taste. Don't worry about overcooking the beans, you can't -- they're supposed to be a dull green and very tender :-)

Serve the beans, along with a generous portion of the liquid, and the potatoes, if used. This may be used as an accompaniment for any Southern-style meal, or may serve, with cornbread or biscuits on the side, as a meal itself.

Kathy in Bryan, TX

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