Fuss free lemon cake

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N 250 gram pac round wine biscuits
125 grams Melted butter
250 grams Tararua traditional cream cheese; (at room
\N \N ; temperature)
1 cup Caster sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla
¼ cup Lemon juice; (no pips)
1 \N 85 grams pac lemon jelly
¾ cup Boiling water
1 cup Evaporated milk; well chilled
1 cup Tararua cream

Make the usual biscuit base, crush the wine biscuits in a food processor and combine with the melted and cooled butter.

Press halfway up the sides of a loose-based cake tin. Chill.

Into a large mixing bowl put the cream cheese, caster sugar, vanilla and lemon juice and squash it all with a potato masher or blend in a food processor until smooth.

Make up the jelly with the boiling water.

Cool it and then add it to the cream cheese mixture.

In another bowl beat the evaporated milk until light and fluffy.

Tip into the cream cheese mixture.

Quickly whip the cream and tip that into the mixture.

Fold everything together and pour into the crumb base.

Chill overnight.

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