Fruit-buffet setups

Yield: 1 servings

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CRISSCROSS. On tray, arrange overlapping orange slices to form X.

Place different fruit (below) in each quarter. Pass Tart 'n' Tasty Fruit Dressing. . Blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries . Melon balls . Sliced bananas or peaches . Grapefruit sections and sharp cheese balls

WALDORF TRAY. Cover rectangular tray with crisp greens. Heap Winter-Pear Waldorf Salad in center- tuck red-skinned-apple slices into salad. Surround with mounds of grapefruit and orange sections and seedless grapes. Make 3-decker sandwiches of chicken and cranberry sauce; cut each into 4 triangles. Arrange, with cut sides up, in corners of tray. Serve with Honey French Dressing.

PIN WHEEL. Arrange wedges of juicy cantaloupe, spoke-fashion, on tray.

Heap grapes in center. Between some spokes, tuck strawberries with hulls, or cherries with stems, and peach halves. Between others, place mounds of chive cream cheese fluffed with milk. Garnish with bananas rolled in chopped nuts. Tuck in water cress here and there.

Serve with Roquefort Mayonnaise.

THREE TIER. Use a Lazy Susan (or set cakestand on round tray; then place low compote on top of it). On bottom tier, arrange salad greens and 4 or 5 fruits in groups. On second tier, place assortment of sandwiches- brown bread with cottage or cream cheese, whole-wheat bread with deviled ham, raisin bread with orange butter. On top tier place salted nuts dates stuffed with cream or cottage cheese and dipped in coconut, candied orange rind. Pass Fruit French Dressing.

SUMMER SETUP. On tray, arrange five big nests of lettuce to form oval.

Fill each with one of these fruits: . Orange slices . Melon balls .

Pear or peach slices . Pitted Bing cherries . Seedless or seeded grapes Slice fluted banana into rounds; place in center. Tuck salted almonds here and there. Pass Coconut Cream-Cheese Topping and date muffins.

FOUR-QUARTER TIME. Cover tray with chicory and water cress. Place bowl of Fluffy Mayonnaise in center. Radiate finger sandwiches of pimento cheese or deviled ham and whole-wheat bread in overlapping rows from bowl to form X. Fill sections with: 1. Boston lettuce

2. Peach halves, filled with cottage cheese, crowned with walnut halves

3. Chilled pear halves, topped with chili or cranberry sauce 4. Pineapple and tuna chunks tossed with French dressing MELON MEDLEY. In center front of rectangular tray, heap pitted Bing cherries. In center rear, heap seedless grapes. On one side, arrange half-moon wedges of pared honeydew, fan-fashion, then row of Edam-cheese slices. On other side, place cantaloupe, then ham slices.

Pass rye-bread-and-lettuce sandwiches. Serve with Manhattan French Dressing.

DELLA ROBBIA. Peel and slice 3 oranges. Slice 3 cored unpared apples ¼" thick- some crosswise, some lengthwise. Slice 2 unpared pears lengthwise. Halve and core 2 more pears; spread rounded side of each half with softened cream cheese; dot with halved seeded grapes to resemble grape bunch. On tray, assemble sliced fruits, in wreath form, in apple, orange, pear, and grape-bunch shapes. Tuck tips of romaine leaves here and there. Pass Mint French Dressing and toasted tuna sandwiches.

SUPPER TRAY. Cover tray with salad greens. Down center, place three mounds of fruit: avocado slices, red-skinned-apple wedges, orange sections. In opposite corners, place salami-and-cream-cheese triangles (stack salami slices 1" high, fill with cream cheese; cut into triangles). Add ripe olives, salted almonds. Serve with Swiss Mayonnaise.

MERRY-GO-ROUND. Combine 2 6-oz. pkg. chive cream cheese with 1 glass blue-cheese spread; chill. Roll into large ball; then sprinkle with chopped nuts. Set in center of tray; surround with crisp crackers; circle with these fruits: . Apple and pear slices . Melon wedges .

Pineapple chunks . Seedless or seeded grapes Tuck water cress and chicory around fruit. Pass Piquant Sour-Cream Dressing.

SALAD BAR. Set up make-it-yourself array of crisp salad greens, assortment of combinations, and salad dressing. Some possible combinations are:

1. Orange slices, fresh or canned grapefruit sections, salad greens, celery curls, green-pepper rings, onion rings, Curry Mayonnaise 2. Pineapple chunks, banana slices, berries, grated orange rind or chopped nuts, salad greens, Tarragon Sour-Cream Dressing P.S. With Salad Bar, set up tray of chicken, tongue, bread slices.

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