For good measure

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Measure Ingredient
\N \N No ingredients

Measure ingredients such as baking powder, baking soda and salt in standard measuring spoons. (Do not use kitchen flatware as measuring equipment.)

Measure butter or margarine by sticks if indicated in the recipe or use the indicated markings on wrapper. If necessary, pack into nested measuring cup and level with knife.

Measure brown sugar by packing into nested measuring cup. Level surface with knife. When removed from cup, the brown sugar should remain in the shape of the cup. Measure flour and other dry ingredients in lightly spooning into nested measuring cups. Level with a straight-edged spatula or knife.

Measure liquids in a regular liquid measuring cup; read amounts at eye level.

When adding dry ingredients alternately with liquid, begin and end with dry ingredients. Beat just until smooth after each addition; over mixing will reduce volume.

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