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1.) DO NOT USE PASTEURIZED CHEESE 2.) Wine selection: use a dry white 3.) Flavoring: kirsch is official but I've seen them with a non sweet liquor

such as slivovitz, cognac or an applejack.

4.) Get ingredients ready so you can add them with one hand 5.) Stir with a wooden spoon

6.) Dipping bread: crusty French or Italian (1 x 1¾ inch) Expect fondue to be thin to start with; it thickens as you go along.

Serve with fresh fruit and tea. Grate Cheese-- say 1 lb of Emmenthaler or ½ lb of this and ½ lb of a Gruyere. Rub a heavy sauce pan with a clove of garlic. Pour out 2 cups of dry white wine into the sauce pan. Heat, uncovered over moderately high heat.

Put 3 tbs kirsch (the classic flavor) in a small cup. Add cornstarch (1 tsp) and stir till well dissolved.

So, does the wine have little foamy bubbles yet? Good! Wait till it is just about covered with this foam but is not yet boiling. Add shredded cheese gradually; stir constantly. No boiling but high heat! Yes, keep adding cheese-- as soon as you feel a slight resistance while stirring, stop adding cheese. Keep stirring! Vigorously! Add kirsch (or whatever) and cornstarch mixture. Keep cooking and wait for thickening. Oh good! It thickened! Now, add (to taste): nutmeg, white pepper, or paprika.

Transfer to a fondue pot and place over the alcohol lamp or the chaffing dish or whatever you plan to let it sit on (low heat). Spear the bread, dip and enjoy!

Author unknown. U/L to NCE by Burt Ford 11/95.

Submitted By BURTON FORD On 11-05-95

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