Flour substitutions

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient


FOR BAKING: Replace 1 cup white flour with ¾ c whole wheat flour 1 c coarse corn meal ⅞ c rice flour 1½ c rye flour ⅝ c potato flour 1 ½

c ground rolled oats ½ c barley flour Adjustment may be needed in amount of liquid (usually more will be needed) and shortening (usually less is needed) when baking with whole grains. FOR THICKENING SAUCES AND OTHER DISHES: Replace 1 Tbs white flour with: 1 Tb whole wheat flour 1 Tb rice flour 1 Tb corn flour ½ Tb corn starch ½

Tb potato flour or starch ½ Tb arrowroot SWEETENERS: Replace 1 cup sugar with: 1 c molasses + ¼ to ½ ts baking soda (omit baking powder) ¾ c honey (reduce liquid ¼ c) ¾ c maple syrup (reduce liquid 2 Tb)

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