Filetto di manzo alla cacciatora

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
800 grams Beef fillet
½ cup Olive oil; (100 ml)
175 millilitres Red wine
4 \N Pods garlic; peeled, minced
\N \N A few peppercorns; crushed
\N \N Salt to taste
500 millilitres Brown sauce
2 \N Tomatoes; diced
8 \N Mushrooms; sliced
1 \N Carrot
100 grams Onions; chopped
100 grams Butter
500 grams Chicken bones
2 \N Bay leaves
\N \N A few peppercorns
25 grams Flour
500 millilitres Stock
\N \N Salt to taste


To prepare the brown sauce: Clean and slice carrot and onion. Melt butter and fry the bones until brown. Add the vegetables, bay leaf and peppercorns. Slowly add the flour and cook on low flame till golden brown.

Remove from heat and add the stock, stirring continuously to avoid lumps.

Simmer for 30 minutes. Skim the sauce then strain it. Use as per required.

CLEAN and trim the beef fillet. Marinate in a mixture of olive oil, wine, garlic and crushed peppercorns for at least three hours. Saute the meat on a griller to seal the outside and keep turning for about three minutes.

Cook the remaining marinade in a sauce pan. Add the brown sauce and simmer till it is reduced to half its quantity. Add salt to taste. Add diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and cook the fillet in the sauce till the meat is cooked. Remove, the meat and slice it. Arrange the meat slices on a plate and pour the sauce over it. Serve hot.

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NOTES : Sliced Fillet Of Beef Stewed In Red Wine, Pepper, Mushroom And Tomatoes

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