Exotic sheet cakes

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
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Honeydew melon - plain white sheet cake, skip the vanilla. Soak well with Midori liqueur & serve with honeydew, cantaloupe & water- melon wedges, & plenty of whipped cream.

Watermelon - grind up watermelon (the pink part only) in a blender or food processor (seed it first). Use the resulting gooshy stuff as part of the liquid in plain white cake, or pour over finished cake.

Serve as above, with various melon wedges & whipped cream.

Kiwi-lime - use lime juice as part of the liquid & add extra sugar.

Pour half of the batter in the pan, layer with sliced, peeled kiwis & pour on the rest. Frost with lime frosting & decorate with more kiwis.

Raspberry - cook frozen raspberries until mushy. Cool & strain to remove seeds. Use this liquid as part of the liquid in the recipe, & be sure to add extra sugar. Makes a pretty pink cake if you use a standard white cake batter, & is utterly luscious with chocolate (an extra treat for chocolate-raspberry is to smear a thin layer of good raspberry jam over the cake before frosting with chocolate frosting, & decorating with fresh raspberries.).

Have fun- about any standard cake recipe can be adapted to sheet cake shape, just pour in a sheet pan. watch it carefully so it won't overcook.


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