Electric soup - america

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
½ pint Juiced carrot; celery, mild onion
1 litre Fresh juiced Italian plum or vine
\N \N ; tomatoes
8 \N Coarsely chopped; peeled, cored fresh
\N \N ; tomato pulp
½ teaspoon Fine fresh ground black pepper
⅔ teaspoon Celery salt
5 \N Shakes Tabasco; or to taste
7 \N Shakes Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons Mild horseradish; (1tbsp if strong)
½ \N Lemon; juice of
1 \N Lime; juice of
1 cup Good quality vodka
4 tablespoons Chilli sherry
4 larges Whol fresh red chillies
1 \N Bottle dry sherry


Juice the tomatoes and other vegetables using a mechanical extractor.

Reserve the juice and add the seasonings, citrus juices and spirit and then stir in the fine chopped tomato pulp (for texture).

Chilli sherry:

Place 4 large whole red chillies, previously blanched for 15 seconds in boiling water, into a sterilised white wine (clear glass) bottle. Pour over them a bottle of dry sherry, such as fino. Cream or medium sherries do not seem to work very well with this idea. Leave to steep for about 3 weeks.

A few drops of chilli sherry adds flavour to gravy, risotto, soup and other sauces.

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