Egyptian rice & lentils

Yield: 1 Batch

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Brown lentils; washed & picked over
¾ teaspoon Salt
4½ teaspoon Olive oil
1 large Onion; chopped
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
1 tablespoon Cumin, ground
½ cup Rice
5 cups ;Water, to 6 cups
\N \N From: sastoen@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Sue Stoen)

Place the olive oil (all of it) into the bottom of the crock pot.

Turn the pot onto the highest setting (if variable available) and add the onions. Allow the onions 10-15 minutes to warm in the oil. Add the remaining ingredients, including the water. If cooking the dish all day (i.e., a morning start), reduce heat to low; otherwise leave on high setting. Cover. Leave to simmer.

Come home to a wonderful smelling house. Stir the dish while in the crock. If it is dry, add a little water. If it's soup-like, remove lid for a little while, or turn heat to high setting. Serve. It's tasty as a main mean or as a pilaf to accompany other meals.

I got the basic recipe from Martha's book "Mediterranean Light"--p.


It's one of my all time faves. And I used to think I hated lentils!

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