Dry mead

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 pounds Clover Honey
¼ ounce Tartaric acid
½ ounce Malic acid
\N \N Yeast nutrients as required
1/16 ounce Tannin
\N \N Steinberg yeast (or any goo
\N \N Wine yeast)
\N \N Water (to 1 gal)

Dissolve the honey in 2 liters (½ gal) warm water together with the nutrients, acid, and tannin. Make the volume up to 4½ liters (1 gal) with cold water and add 100 ppm sulphites. After 24 hours add the yeast starter and allow to ferment to dryness. Thereafter follow the basic procedure.

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