Dried tomato paste

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
20 pounds Tomatoes
\N \N (quartered
5 larges Onions -- chopped
10 \N Celery ribs with leaves
\N \N (chopped
10 \N Cloves garlic -- minced
1 bunch Fresh parsley -- chopped
10 \N Sprigs fresh oregano --
\N \N Chop
10 \N Sprigs fresh thyme -- chop
2 \N Bay leaves
½ tablespoon Black peppercorns --
\N \N Crushed
20 \N Whole cloves
3 tablespoons Salt

Simmer everything together, mash the tomatoes a little, for about an hour; stirring occasionally.

Puree the sauce in a blender or food processsor in small batches to fit your container. Return mixture to pan over very low heat, simmer, stirring occasionally until the mixture is reduced by half and very thick. (Several hours) Spread the mixture ½ inch thick on cookie sheets and put out in the sun. As it starts to dry, cut through the paste in a crisscross pattern, allowing air to penetrate as much as possible.

Protect the paste from insects with a storm or screen window, a piece of cheesecloth, or netting. A day or two of hot sun will dry the mixture to where you can scrape it off the cookie sheets and form into nonsticky small balls. Oven drying: 140~ about 7 hours Dehydrater: until you can form into nonsticky balls Let the balls dry a day more at room temperature, and store them in a tightly lidded jar. To use, dilute with a little boiling water or stock and use soups and sauces.

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