Doc holiday's bbq'd chicken thighs variant

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Chicken thighs
\N \N Monteray Jack cheese
\N \N Diced onions
\N \N Diced jalepeno peppers
\N \N Strips of bacon
\N \N Italian salad dressing

Here's a nice side dish if you are bbq'ing for a large group, or can be the main meat dish if it's just the family. It's my variation on " Doc.

Holiday's BBQ'd Chicken Thighs" Take as many thighs as you need and skin them. Then cut a slit along the bone, and remove it. Stuff the now made pocket, from removing the bone, with about a 2 or 3 inch long, pencil thick piece of Monteray Jack cheese, a few diced onions and diced jalepeno peppers that have been seeded and ribbed. If you want it with a little more kick, don't take the ribs out of the jalepenos. I prefer to leave the ribs. If you have room left, add more cheese, cut anyway you need to do it to get it into the pocket. Now take a toothpick and use it to close the pocket. Wrap each thigh with a strip of bacon and pin the bacon to the thigh with another toothpick. Place thighs in pan and drizzle with Italian salad dressing until at least half covered.

Let marinade for at least 2 hours. Turn thighs over in marinade every hour.

Cook indirect with medium smoke at 250 to 300 degree till done, then place thighs directly over low fire to brown and crisp up bacon, if this isn't accomplished during the cooking process. Or, Q thighs directly over the coals till done. Caution: If Q'ing directly over the coals, DON'T make a big fire. A small one will work best, and not burn the bacon and thighs. If cooking directly over the coals, make sure you chunk in a small piece or two of green wood for smoke.

I have done these at the store a couple of times for "something extra" on fancy orders, plus a few times at home. We really enjoy them and hope all of you do to.

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