Cuban bread

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
5 cups To 6 cups bread flour aprox.
2 packs Dry yeast
1 tablespoon Salt
2 tablespoons Sugar
2½ cup Hot water,120 to 130 degs.
\N \N Corn meal
\N \N Water



Sprinkle the cornmeal on a non stick baking sheet. Place 4 cups of flour in large mixing bowl,add yeast,salt,and sugar.Stir until all are well blended.Pour in the hot water and beat 100 strong strokes or three minutes with mixer dough hook. Gradually work enough of the remaining flour,using fingers if necessary,½ cup at a time,that the dough takes shape an no longer sticky. Sprinkle work surface with some of the remaining flour.Place dough on work surface,working in flour as you knead. Keep a dusting of flour between dough and working surface.Knead for 8 minutes by hand or with dough hook of mixer until it feels alive under your hands. Place dough in a greased bowl.Cover with plastic wrap and put in a warm place,80 to 100 degs,until double in bulk,about 15 minutes. Punch down dough,turn it out on work surface,cut into 2 pieces.Shape each piece into a round.Place on non stick baking sheet sprinkled with corn meal.With a sharpe knife or razor slash an x on each loaf:brush with water. Place baking sheets on middle shelf of cold oven.Place a large pan of hot water on shelf below.Heat oven to 400 deg.After ½ hour reduce oven to 375 deg.The bread will continue to rise while oven is heating.Bake for a total of 45 minutes.( Timing starts when you turn on the oven.) Loaves should sound hollow when baked.Cool before slicing.Bread will not keepbeyond a day or two,but freezes well and makes excellent toast when old......

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