Cranberry beer

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 pounds Extra light dry malt
\N \N Extract
1 pounds Munich malt
1 ounce Fuggles boiling
3 \N Bags frozen cranberries
1 ounce Fuggles as finishing hops
\N \N Yeast

I thawed the berries and blended with enough water to make a little over 2 quarts of slush. Meanwhile I did a normal extract brew using the Munich malt as a specialty grain (i.e., put in a double layered pair of clean panty hose and stuck in the pot while I bring the cold water to a boil). At the end of the hour of boiling I put in the finishing hops and poured in the cranberry liquid for the final minute or two as I turned off the heat. I bottled after a week. I am finding it very tasty. After a month it is somewhat sweet with a distince fruit flavor. I'm not sure that you can identify the flavor as cranberries without knowing which fruit it is.. It turned out somewhat cloudy but the color is a pretty rose. Primary Ferment: 1 week

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